The Contracting Process presented below is only illustrative, as the steps may be carried out concurrently and dynamically. The process was divided into 5 (five) stages, which will be presented below:


In stage 1, the Brazilian Air Force (COMAER) makes available the goods and services that integrate the Alcantara Space Center for the launch of non-military space vehicles.


In stage 2, the Public Call will be released by the Brazilian Space Agency and aims to identify companies, national or foreign, that are interested in carrying out launch activities using CEA, as well as providing more information about the contractual process.

The interested company will be registered by filling in a form with basic information about the company and its representative, concept of operation in Brazil, the launch vehicle and the launch operation. At this time, the foreign company will not need to submit its National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ). However, this registration will be required in step 3.

After the registration is validated, AEB, through a Special Analysis Committee to deal with the issue, will contact the registered company representative with the purpose of signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and receiving the User Manual of the Alcantara Space Center, as well as an Initial Proposal model with a formatting suggestion.

It is important to note that, at this first moment, the Public Call will have an opening date and a closing date, a period of approximately 2 (two) months. Other calls may be opened, in a later period, to attract new interested parties.


In stage 3, AEB, through the Special Licensing Commission, will initiate the Operator License Process that aims to qualify the legal entity interested in carrying out space launch operations from Brazil according to the rules to be established in a specific process.

This process will be carried out according to specific regulations issued by the Brazilian Space Agency, responsible for this activity according to Law 8.854, of February 10, 1994.


Stage 4 is divided into Contractual Process and Release Authorization Process, these activities may happen in parallel, at the company’s discretion.

As previously described, after the registration of the company interested in operating from the Brazilian territory, signing the NDA and receiving the Alcantara Space Center User Manual, the company may submit its Initial Proposal, which will be analyzed continuously by the commission established by AEB . The limit for submitting the company’s proposal will be up to approximately 01 (one) month after the end of the Public Call, or as expressed in the public call notice.

The proposals will be analyzed by the Special Analysis Commission, with members of the AEB and COMAER, instituted by an act of the President of the Brazilian Space Agency.

The beginning of the Contractual Negotiation with the Brazilian Air Force will start after the Issuance of the Operator’s License. The negotiations of the body of the contract will be carried out by representatives of COMAER, instituted by an act of the Chief of the Air Staff (EMAER). The contract will be signed between the legal entity (company) and the Brazilian Air Force (COMAER).

The company may, at its discretion, initiate the process to obtain the Release Authorization from AEB in parallel with the Contractual Negotiation.


In step 5, the company can start its activities according to a contract with the Brazilian Air Force (COMAER). AEB will be responsible for Security Inspections, as part of its activity of supervising non-military space activities from Brazilian territory.