This channel provides general information about the CEA´s Public Call of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB).

1. Who can participate?

a. This notice is aimed at Brazilian or foreign companies, and, in the latter case, they will not, at this stage, need to submit their National Legal Entity Register (Brazilian tax number). However, this will be necessary in the next phase of the process.

2. What information is needed?

a. To validate the registration, it is necessary to fill all the fields of the form contained in Annex A of the Public Call: information about the company, Point of Contact, Technical Responsible. Concept of Operation in Brazil, Information about the Launcher vehicle and launch operations.

3. What happens with the information provided?

a. All information provided by the participants will be classified as restricted access, becoming available to the Special Licensing Commission and to the Special Analysis Commission.

4. Which platform will be made available at CEA’s Public Call?

a. The set of infrastructure and services used for launching non-military space vehicles will be made available from the areas occupied by the VLS Platform System (SISPLAT), the Universal Platform and the Wind Profiler at the Alcantara Launch Center (CLA), as well as from aircraft with takeoff from Alcantara airport, as shown in the images in Annex B of the Public Call.